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Israel Program, Tips for Taking Students Abroad, & More Foreign Destinations

Friday, 31 October 2014 09:10

International Reporting in Jerusalem, Israel  

Settled more than 3,000 years ago, Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and a holy place for three of the world's major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This meeting place between the East and West is also a major center for reporting on the Middle East, and many international news organizations maintain bureaus here.

Students will learn how to develop sources, conduct interviews and work with an interpreter, and then report on the city around them, publishing their work on a multimedia website. The course will be taught by a team of veteran journalists who have covered the Middle East for years, including longtime NPR Jerusalem correspondent Linda Gradstein and former Christian Science Monitor reporter Ilene Prusher.

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"Whatcha Got, Calgary?" film screening

Friday, 31 October 2014 08:26

Recent MRU Journalism grad Joel Dryden's film project, "Whatcha Got, Calgary?," featuring film shorts by 20 local directors (including another program grad, Claire Miglionico), screens on Friday, Nov. 7at the Globe (show starts at 8 p.m.; doors open at 7 p.m.). Tickets are $10, and proceeds go to the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter. 

The first showing of the film about Calgary and by Calgarians was sold out. 
Here's a link to the trailer:



Cougar Athletics Employment Opportunity

Thursday, 30 October 2014 15:00

Job Title: Game Night Writer

Department: Cougar Athletics

Term: September – December 2013

Wage: $15/hour, 8-10 hrs/week


Summary:  Reporting to the Sports Information Coordinator, the successful candidate(s) will be responsible for creating post game recaps for the Cougar’s website and media outlets around the city. This position will be for the duration of the fall semester (October 31 – December 5, 2013), with the possibility of a winter extension (January 9 – February 14) based on performance.

The Game Night Writer will be responsible for producing post-game recaps of the Cougar’s varsity athletic programs. Games are played mostly on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the school year. Writers will be in charge of completing a post-game recap, complete with quotes from players and coaches. They will then send the quotes to the Sports Information Coordinator within 30 minutes of the game. The ability to work weekends is paramount.

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Social Media and Marketing Communications Strategist

Thursday, 30 October 2014 12:09

SCIP Program: $1,000 bursary at completion

The right candidate will recognize the challenges that come from a complicated message,

consider a small non profit's limited resources and exhibit sensitivity to the families we support.

The role is expected to require approximately 40 to 50 hours in total over a three- to four-month

period to earn the $1,000 bursary from the Alberta Government. Most of the time can be

scheduled at your convenience, with the occasional need to meet with Connections' Executive

Director and to interview others in the agency.

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Calling all sports fans! If you like to think, talk about and read about sports, then this is the course for you! Sports, Media & Identity!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 14:56

This course is offered for 1 time only, in winter 2015. Don't miss your chance! The course instructor is David Taras, co-editor of the forthcoming book, How Canadians Communicate About Sports.


COMM 3797 Special Topics in Journalism: Sports, Media & Identity

Course Description:  This course explores the role that sports plays in the media world, among fans and in the formation of values and identity.  The course will focus on the increasing importance that sport plays in the entertainment culture and in the strategies of media organizations.  Topics will include theoretical and critical approaches to sports, the decreasing participation in amateur sports, the centrality of hockey in Canada, the stresses on athletes, collegiate sports in Canada and the US, fan culture including fantasy leagues, the pressures on sports journalists, as well as debates over tax-payer support for arenas, the role of women, concussions, doping, fighting and the values celebrated in sports.

Course rationale: This seminar style course is designed to prepare students for the new media and cultural worlds in which they will live, work and play.  As sports culture takes on a greater importance in society representing the most watched programs on TV, playing a critical role in the future of cable, creating heroes, myths and social models and becoming a crucial element in defining community and national identities, examining sport also becomes more important.  Students will be expected to become familiar with salient issues that surround media and sports and will be evaluated on their analytical, research and writing skills.     


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