For 3rd and 4th year students only: Military Journalism Scholarship/Course 13-23 May (U of Cgy)

Here’s the application info  for this year’s Canadian Military Journalism Scholarship/Course. (ie, no cost if you are one of ten students selected nationally.  FYI, three MRU students have applied  in the past three years, and all three were successful.)

It’s run every spring by the Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary.  It includes classroom presentations as well as visits to Regular and Reserve army units across the province (eg, to Edmonton, Wainwright, and/or Suffield)
A great opportunity to learn about the military and how to cover it.
Also an excellent chance to interact with like-minded student journalists from King’s, Ryerson, Carleton etc.
Application deadline: 29 March 2018
I’ve had some involvement with this course over the years, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.