Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) programme Scholarship Opportunity

The Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) programme, run by the three federal research funding agencies (SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR), provides scholarships to students undertaking graduate study at Canadian universities. Mount Royal students in their final year of study and looking to go onto graduate study in 2013 are eligible to apply for these awards, which are generally worth around $17,500 per year at Master's level. Each of the three funding agencies have their own graduate studentship competitions, with separate application arrangements, deadlines and formats. Please forward details to any of your students you think may be interested in applying. SSHRC (Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS)
Application deadline: December 13, 2012
Students submit applications directly to SSHRC.
Further details: SSHRC Site.

NSERC (Alexander Graham Bell CGS and NSERC PGS)
Internal application deadline: November 9, 2012
For NSERC, universities are allocated a fixed number of applications they can forward onto NSERC as their recommended applications. Due to Mount Royal's relatively short history with NSERC and our low level of current NSERC funding, Mount Royal is only able to forward one application to NSERC in this current competition. Therefore, Research Services will be running an internal competition, with a deadline of November 9. For this internal competition students should still apply through the NSERC online system. NSERC set their system up so that on submission by a MRU student, the application comes to Research Services and does not go directly to NSERC.
Further information: The NSERC Site

CIHR Frederick Banting PostDoc
Application deadline: Nov 1, 2012
Important:MRU students wishing to apply for a CIHR CGS apply online through CIHR's ResearchNet application system.
Further information: Banting Site

Research Services have prepared overview documents for each of these programs.