Deadline Extended to May 31st! Youth Media Award competition with Amnesty International!

I'm a volunteer Youth Organizer from Amnesty International Canada, a non-profit human rights organization. I contacted you about a month ago to share an exciting opportunity for youth and students to participate in Amnesty International's Media Award competition.

This is the first year we've presented an award designated for youth only. The Youth Media Award will be included in our annual Amnesty International Media Awards that have been presented for excellence in journalism about human rights since 1995.


To remind you, this award for journalism covers international and/or national human rights issues, with a particular emphasis on how they impact young people; it is to recognize excellence in journalism by this group about issues that have an impact on their peers. The competition is open to any student at a Canadian university or college, who has had an article published, a piece broadcasted or posted in a recognized student media outlet, from September 30, 2014 up until April 30, 2015.

The winner will be announced in September 2015 with a prize amount of $500. The winner will also receive an Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award Certificate at the annual Amnesty International Canada Media Awards event.

Since we last spoke, we extended the deadline for students to submit! They can now submit an application
until May 31st, 2015!

They can also check out our new blog post (
about the award and why it's such a great opportunity for youth to get exposure and connect with other leading Canadian journalists. I've also attached the submission form for the competition. Feel free to spread the link to the blog post and the submission form to your students.

you so much for your help in spreading the word to students!