Volunteer Writing Opportunity for SoccermadeinCanada.com

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My name is Dan Kruk and I'm the publisher and editor of soccermadeincanada.com--Canada's only website dedicated to the Canadian men's and women's national teams.

At this point we're still in the process of creating content with an expected 'go live' date of March 15th, ten days before the CANMNT's crucial WCQ match against Mexico here in Vancouver.

To be clear, the interest in both the CANMNT and CANWNT is at levels not seen in Canada since the men last qualified for the World Cup in 1986. As a forty-eight year-old man, I've watched a lot of poor Canadian soccer and to be honest, we're still not at a level that could be deemed respectable elsewhere in the soccer world. However, with MLS and NASL clubs in Canadian cities, interest in the sport--and by extension, in the national programs--has skyrocketed.

I'm reaching out to you in order to see if you would know of any students who'd be interested in submitting articles and features concerning Alberta soccer with a view to connecting such an effort to the development of Canadian soccer. I believe that Canadian soccer supporters across the country are interested in reading about Alberta's top prospects, their amateur clubs and the history of soccer in the province.

Moreover--and soccermadeincanada.com will be following this closely--is the fact that Calgary is rumoured as being one of the candidate cities for the Canadian Premier League which is supposed to start play in either 2017 or in 2018. This could be a great story for a contributor as interest in the new league is growing and any news concerning developments in Calgary and elsewhere would eaten up by Canadian soccer supporters.

Anyway, if you are able to see if there's students who'd be interested in this project, I'd be grateful if you could direct them to me at this email address.

Yours truly,

Dan Kruk