FREE Creative Workshop—Drawing Digitally

Are you a Year 3 or Year 4 Journalism student? Have you largely forgotten how to use Adobe Illustrator? Would you like to reintroduce your skills of this powerful tool to better aid you in telling all kinds of stories? Would you like to unleash your creative potential and express yourself and the stories you tell with a greater visual pop?

There will be FREE Creative Workshop open to Year 3 and Year 4 Journalism students. The first one will be held Wednesday, September 21 in O231 from 5 to approx 6:30 pm. (We will then decide how often to meet afterwards). This will be a hands-on workshop where you will learn and master the following: using the pen tool, using the direct selection tool, drawing typical shapes, drawing atypical shapes, creating original vectors, drawing buildings, drawing geographical and common objects and features, aligning and placing vectors precisely, and finally poster development and how to get them printed, and/or saved digitally in different formats.

Don’t worry if you have forgotten some basic techniques as we will review them as well. There is no need to sign up, so just pop and by with either your laptop or use the lab computers, and you are good to go!

Hope to see you there on the 21st.


Phil Flegel