Contract opportunity, deadline approaching.

ATB is seeking Year 3 or Year 4 photojournalists in the MRU Journalism Program to work on a follow-up to “Entrepreneurs of Alberta” - an Instagram/Facebook campaign ( that follows the structure of Humans of New York ( 

One candid photo and quote from each entrepreneur featured is required.

Shoots happen whenever the student wants to schedule them. In the past, students have been given 3 months to come back with 25 quotes & images. How they do this is up to them. More turn-around time can be arranged if necessary.

25 candid photos of 25 entrepreneurs in their business, 25 transcripts with highlighted suggested quotes, and a spreadsheet of all 25 businesses with their contact information. ATB does not provide students the list of businesses to use – it’s up to them who they want to approach and get involved with the project. The featured entrepreneurs do not have to be ATB customers. 

Pay is $2000 for the entire series. This money can be split between two students with one working as the interviewer/writer, the other as the photographer. Or, the project may be done entirely by a single student.

Interested candidates should be in Year 3 or Year 4 of the MRU Journalism program.
They should submit the following to Kalyn Edworthy via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) no later than January 20.

1) A brief written expression of interest 
2) A link to your e-portfolio
3) An indication of your interest in taking on the entire contract or splitting the work with another student. 

Kalyn is a graduate of the MRU Journalism program, and is willing to answer questions and mentor the successful candidate(s).