C.A. MacLean Bursary Foundation

The C.A. MacLean Foundation, in conjunction with the Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association, is sponsoring six minimum ten-week internships during the summer of 2018 for journalism students.

The paid internship program will allow students to learn first-hand the importance of community journalism, having them work alongside the editors, reporters and photographers of the community newspapers in Alberta or Northwest Territories.

Guidelines and Expectations:

• This is a minimum 10-week program to start after the 2018 school-year has concluded
• The actual starting date will be determined by the participating newspaper, but will not commence before the end of the student's school year
• Community newspapers do not work on a Nine-to-Five workday; students should anticipate to work some evenings and weekends during the internship
• All terms and conditions pertaining to the internship will be discussed between the host newspaper and selected student intern prior to the internship period commencing
• The students are to document their time as interns with the community newspaper as a side project blog
• The newspaper will provide their student intern with information regarding:
» Duties during internship
» Salary information
» Accommodation information
» General expectations of the intern

All of the information regarding the internship program, including an online application form, can also be found on the AWNA website at http://www.awna.com/camaclean.

The application deadline is Friday, December 1, 2017.